Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Apple Slipped A Physical QWERTY Keyboard Below The iPhone Screen

Apple has long received the suggestion to apply the vibrating screen QWERTY or commonly called 'heptic feeedback' in their artificial smartphone, the iPhone. However, a new Apple patent has uncovered a plan installation of more sophisticated QWERTY keyboard for the iPhone in the future.

Features 'heptic feeedback' is rumored to be the secret weapon of the iPhone 6, considering Apple has managed to get his patent in 2009 ago. Although Apple has not been willing to confirm the truth of this.

Heptic feeedback is concentrated vibration system that will be activated when the user presses each key on the QWERTY keyboard the iPhone. This feature is claimed to cause vibration sensation like pressing a real button. The resulting vibration was only focused on the user's finger touches the screen, Phone Arena (26/08).

Apparently, Apple's innovation does not just stop there. Based on a patent that was passed on June 28, 2011 ago, Apple is known to make a flexible display technology that could resemble the original QWERTY keyboard. Certainly not in terms of form, but rather in terms of 'sense'.

The patent mentions the use of a flexible display with a virtual keyboard that can really pressed to produce the sensation of the original keyboard. Secret of this technology is the position of the buttons below the screen attached flexible iPhone. So when pressing the screen, users will indirectly pressing buttons below.

To enhance this new technology, Apple also added a feature that feeedback heptic touch screen feels more alive. Still according to the patent, the flexible screen also has closed the entire front of the iPhone. While there are other speculation if Apple would just put an extra panel at the bottom of the screen that can be used as a keyboard 'pop up'.

Apple's patent illustrations :





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