Thursday, 28 August 2014

Easy Tips To Secure Your Computer Or Laptop From Various Threats

Of course, the higher human civilization and technology, the higher emerging threats. This is true also in the scope of the computer.

In the world of computers, of course threats like viruses, malware up by the action of hacking into the things to look out for today.

To that end, citing the tricks and tips of the website called Smart Trick, there are some effective ways and countless easy to keep your PC or laptop from threats and attacks.

Following these easy tips and tricks.

1. Use a Firewall

If your PC or laptop connected to the internet, then one of the things that must be used is to use a firewall. With a firewall, then attacks and threats can be minimized.

For Windows users, Microsoft has included the original default firewall operating system is made ??by them. However, for those who want to be safe, can use firewalls made ??by other companies, such as for example Comodo Firewall or other.

2. Use antivirus

Of course, as an antidote to malicious viruses and malware, antivirus is one answer besides using other protection like deep freeze or the like.

It is recommended when using antivirus to always provide updates to the list of new viruses can also be detected by antivirus software that you use.

3. Update the system software

To be sure, all the latest software updates definitely need to keep on the attack and also to repair or fix the old system and add some new things other.

Surely, all operating system developers like Microsoft to Apple also always provide updates to their OS so that users always feel safe and comfortable when using it.

4. Using a secure password

In the use of passwords, it is advisable to create a password that is really complicated but still can be remembered by the owner. Use a combination of numbers and letters and capital letters.

It is recommended to not create a password less than 5, because there are many different ways to be like the example generates a password using bruteforce techniques.

In addition to using a combination of keywords, it is also advisable to always change their password at least once a month.

5. Always beware

Please always wise and vigilant in their daily activities, especially when it is connected to the Internet. As an old saying, "There is no safety on the internet said," then it is a warning to everyone to be vigilant while it is connected to the virtual world.

Do not browse or access sites that are not credible or reliable, do not download software or applications from strange places and always read every explanation there.

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