Wednesday, 27 August 2014

LG and Samsung Gaining Motorola In Making A Round Smartwatch

Trends boxy smart watches will likely end soon. The change began when Motorola introduced their round smartwatch, Moto 360, which was very successful attracting lovers of gadgets, even before it was launched. Do not want to stay silent, LG and Samsung are making their version of smartwatch round.

Last week, LG has started the competition in the segment round smartwatch by releasing a teaser video on YouTube. LG's own party has confirmed the name of the gadget is the 'LG G Watch R'. More information on the LG G Watch R will be given when the mat IFA date of September 5 to 10 in Berlin, Ars Technica (26/08).

Videos that until now has been watched by more than 300 netizens are showing off a smartwatch with a full round screen and wider panels. Make LG G Watch R is not taking up space on the screen for the sensor, such as belonging to the Moto 360.

On the other hand, Samsung is also not to be outdone by participating smartwatch introduce their round at the IFA event. According to SamMobile, smartwatch Samsung will have its own cellular network features. So to use it does not need to be integrated with the generation of Samsung smartphones like smartwatch Gear.

Quoted from CNET (25/08), to date it is unclear whether Samsung will use the Android operating system or Tizen for smartwatch round them. Samsung also still refusing to provide information related to the smartwatch. It simply states if currently developing new products.

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