Saturday, 30 August 2014

Samsung And Nokia Are Developing Google Maps Competitor

google maps rival
Nokia hard work when developing Android ecosystem for next-generation smartphones Nokia X was not in vain. Although Microsoft stopped production of the X family of Nokia, Nokia managed to find a new partner to create another Android, Samsung.

Quite strange indeed to see these two former competitors work together to create a new digital maps for mobile devices. This new map is predicted able to defeat the ability of the application map that is now the most widely used in the world, Google Maps.

Rift between Google and Samsung due to the selection smartwatch Tizen OS Samsung makes the South Korean manufacturer is likely to be the cause of the decision time collaboration between Nokia and Samsung this time. Which is likely to make Google more full of anger, Samsung will immerse homemade and Nokia maps application in the ranks of the Galaxy gadgets, Mashable (29/08).

The new maps app also offers a feature that is not owned by Google Maps, the 'Offline Maps'. With this new feature, users can download the maps of various countries in the world and use them offline. It is certainly enough to help the tourists who are often confused due to the unavailability of internet connection in some tourist areas.

Applications that can later be downloaded for free is a collection of maps of 200 countries in the world. In offline mode though, users can still get information about transportation or pedestrian paths around 100 countries. If users already have an internet connection, this map can display traffic information and public transportation schedules in real-time.

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