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Sony Xperia E Dual or LG Optimus L3 II ?

Cheap smartphone market is not only controlled by the vendors 'new' from China which was rising, Lenovo. Other producers from Japan and South Korea, Sony and LG, are also not to be outdone-issued smartphone smartphones to low-entry segment.

Smartphone's from two vendors that still survives is the Sony Xperia E Dual and LG Optimus L3 II. Both the smartphone at a glance it does not look to bring something 'wow', but the Xperia E Dual and Optimus L3 II has a specification that is capable of competing with the smartphone millions berbanderol one another.

Then, which of the two is the better smartphone?  This time, ZhivoTech Team will explore the advantages of the Xperia E Dual and Optimus L3 II smartphone to find out who's the most inappropriate forceps to take home.

1. Design And Size

Design in a low-entry smartphone is quite rarely gets a special touch from the producers, but the Xperia E Dual is not the case.

This smartphone brings design firm box with metallic accent lines along the sides. The 'stern' or close the casing of the Xperia E Dual has a coarse texture that makes it slippery in the hand.

The size of this smartphone are 113.5 x 61.8 mm with a thickness of about 1.1 centimeters. Several variants of the Xperia E Dual has the concept of two colors that look more 'eye-catching'. Although more streamlined, Xperia E Dual carrying more weight than the Optimus L3 II and weighs 115.7 grams, a little different with LG smartphones which only weighs 110 grams.

In addition to the lighter weight, nothing too special about the design of Optimus L3 II. Therefore, this smartphone is carrying the design 'Candy Bar' with a short and thick shape and concept of the color. Dimensions of Optimus L3 II alone is 102.9 x 61.3 x 11.9 mm. Overall, the Xperia E Dual indeed look more classy, sleek, and not cheap.

2. Screen

Sony still retain their title as one of the vendors who often bring a smartphone with the best quality screen. The cheap price was not stopping Sony to immerse a 3.5 inch TFT display 256K colors at 320 x 480 resolution Xperia E Dual. Pixel density of 165 ppi screen reaches of this smartphone is fairly capable of displaying colors and sharp images.

On the other hand, the Optimus L3 II slightly superior to using IPS LCD type screen capable of displaying images that are bright and real. However, the size of the screen Optimus L3 II just 3.2 inches (240 x 320 pixels). Similarly, pixel density LCD screen is still in the range of 125 ppi. As a result, it looks still less sharp than the Xperia E Dual.

The screen size is slightly bigger contributed to its own plus points for Xperia E Dual, where users are more comfortable when accessing the virtual world or just watching the video. In fact, Sony has bandaged Xperia E Dual display with scratch-resistant glass coating.

3. Camera

As with most smartphones, cheap smartphones, users will not find the front camera on the Xperia E Dual and Optimus L3 II. Features selfie still have to be done through the back of the camera.

The only camera in both the smartphones have the force sensor is almost the same, ie, 3.2 for Xperia E Dual MP and 3 MP on the Optimus L3 II. Successfully captured both images have a maximum resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. Dual Camera Xperia E is superior because it has additional features such as autofocus in addition to geo-tagging is also included in the Optimus L3 II.

Video recordings produced both still have not reached the quality of HD or still at a resolution of 480 pixels to 30 fps.

4. Hardware

Sign in to spur the kitchen area, single-core Snapdragon processor with a clocking frequency of 1 GHz Qualcomm becomes the main source of the performance of the Xperia E Dual and Optimus L3 II. Both the graphics card is the same, namely the Adreno 200 GPU.

Unfortunately, both the phones can not be used for multitasking activities excessively because only carries a capacity of 512 MB ??RAM. Users also should expand the memory storage by adding a microSD card considering both the internal memory is only 4 GB. Users are still free to expand the memory up to 32 GB.

Can be predicted if the performance of the Xperia E Dual and Optimus L3 II or less the same and better suited for activities of daily communication with internet activity without burdensome or redundant applications.

5. Connection

Generally, the Xperia E Dual and Optimus L3 II is equipped with connectivity GPRS / EDGE data transfer speeds up to 88 Kbps. HSDPA 3G connectivity on both himself able to carve out a maximum speed of 7.2 Mbps.

If the data packet runs out, users can still take advantage of Wi-Fi technology to continue surfing on the internet. Again, a better Xperia E Dual Optimus L3 II in the sector with additional connectivity features DLNA for easy video streaming or file sharing over Wi-Fi networks.

For connectivity between devices, both Sony and LG have been buried features Bluetooth and microUSB version 2 on their own smartphone.

6. Battery

Optimus L3 II had not fully lost Xperia E Dual, given the smartphone from LG is still ahead in the capacity of a battery with a capacity of 1540 mAh reach. Although only a few with the Xperia E Dual carrying 1530 mAh battery, Optimus L3 II has a standby time of up to 37 percent longer than the Xperia E Dual. As a result, Optimus L3 II users can bring their smartphones for longer without having to re-charge.

In fact, the talk belonging Optimus L3 II up to 166 percent longer than the Xperia E Dual. Make a call also will certainly feel more free without the worry of running out of battery.


Based on reviews from design to battery, visible when the Sony Xperia E Dual looks more superior than its competitors LG Optimus L3 II. The price does not differ too much also be a good enough reason to woo smartphone that has been provided with an excellent music features of the Sony Walkman.

However, if you are a new smartphone users who prefer the communication and long-lasting battery life throughout the day, there is no harm in deciding to buy the LG Optimus L3 II.

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