Friday, 22 August 2014

Tips To Speed Up The Slow Performance Of The Smartphone

As with a computer, a mobile device also over time will become slow in operation. To get good performance again, here are some tips to do so.

If your mobile device has started running slowly, then do not rush to blame the device or said that the ailing carrier.

Surely not not rule out the possibility that the device becomes sluggish in operation due to its negligence. For that, there are a few tips to make the mobile device back in top performance.

1. Check the capacity of the smartphone

Of course, logically, if there are very many charge stored either in the internal or external memory, it will make the device become slow in operation.

For that, backup or delete the data that are not used in the device and minimize to store data that is not so important in the future.

Delete all, every History up to the browser cache to get more space and can make the device run more smoothly.

2. Remove useless applications

Can not blame anyone if an owner of a mobile device always want to try to upload and install applications or games within the device.

However, with this action apparently also can slow down the performance of the device because of the burden that must be read memory is also much heavier. To that end, delete or uninstall all applications or games which if not longer or rarely used.

3. Update software

Obviously, one of the main keys for the device to be returned in its peak performance is to provide an update to the operating system. By providing an update to the operating system, then the device as well as gain new powers to be used to work.

4. Remove useless widgets

It is sometimes necessary widgets on the main page as a shortcut to access something. However, there are times when widgets-installed widgets that just drain too much memory.

5. Think again before doing root and overclock

Rooting and overclocking a device is not only limited to computers only. Now it also began to explore the mobile device. But in fact, by doing this it makes draining the battery faster, some software does not support the factory default and make the device run slowly.

Therefore, advised to be wise before rooting the device because it is not necessarily the case, the device will be better.

6. Close background applications

There are times when a mobile device users forget to re-close the application that he used before and open up new applications. It actually makes the battery run out faster and slow.

Therefore, it is expected to check in advance if there are other applications that are still open before accessing the application or a new game.

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