Thursday, 28 August 2014

What Are The Causes Of Wasteful Smartphone Battery Consumption? Here you Can Find

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The current smartphone devices continues to grow with the size of the screen and a clearer, faster processor, and a camera with a big lens sensor. But of all these developments, there is one aspect that is not much changed, the Li-ion battery. This is why today many advanced smartphone but can not be separated from powerbank or charger.

However, this smartphone is actually wasteful batteries can be determined. Here are 5 common causes inefficient use of your smartphone battery.

1. Smartphone Connections

smartphone connection such as WiFi, Bluetooth, or GPS is always in an active state into one of the most malignant battery power vacuum.

So, to save battery power, the connectivity is disabled when not needed. In this way, the battery life could be longer.

2. Network

Network also became one of the causes of the smartphone battery becomes wasteful. This occurs when the tissues around your quality bad. In this condition the smartphone will work much harder to get a signal and it is this which makes the battery run out quickly.

To get around this, you should go into the settings and the menu mode network select the 'Auto Mode' where the smartphone will automatically capture the best possible signal, even though the internet connection will be a victim.
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3. Display

Smartphone screen at maximum setting with lighting and a long time active screen would make more extravagant smartphone battery.

To circumvent this problem, then subtract the brightness levels in the room when the smartphone and time setting screen is active in the short term.

4. Charging the battery

Wasteful consumption caused smartphone battery can also charge the wrong way. As charge the battery while playing games or calling interspersed. This causes the temperature of smartphones will increase, and heat is what makes the cells in the battery quickly broken.

5. Vacuum applications internet connection

The fifth cause of inefficient use smartphone battery is the number of a vacuum applications internet connection on a smartphone device.

Besides siphoning internet quota, applications such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger, or Google + that requires constant internet connection, this application also greedily suck smartphone battery.

Kind should delete the application on top of your smartphone if the application is not so necessary.

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