Saturday, 20 September 2014

4 Common Myths In The World Of Technology That Is Not True

4 Common Myths In The World Of Technology That Is Not True
From year to year, when the development of the high technology, there are also myths that accompany growth.

Indeed there are a lot of people who did not care and considers the myths regarding the technology right, but not a few who actually take it real.

Interestingly, the myths that have been created a few years ago it was, until now is still present and is believed by many people. Here are some myths and facts related to technology.

1. Myth: Good Photos must be taken using the camera sensors that have the support to tighten the pixels in large numbers or commonly called megapixels.

Fact: It is owned by the sensor pixel density of the lens determines whether or not a photo. But besides that, there are various other things that take effect, such as composition, lighting circuits up to. So it can not always be said with a high megapixel camera will produce good quality photos.

2. Myth: Using a mobile device at the pump may cause a fire or explosion.
Fact: From the history of the creation of mobile devices, a new once there was a report that a refueling exploded and burned, because at that time there was a man who uses a mobile device nearby. But according to the study, an explosion and fire that can only happen if there is a spark. Although it can not be proved right, but the FCC as the holder of a mobile device's authorities were advised not to use a mobile device while being refueled.

3. Myth: Magnets can erase the data.

Fact: To be able to delete a data on a data storage area, required a very large magnet once. It was not all data can be erased, only a small fraction will be affected. Today, a lot of that type of data storage device Solid State Drives (SSD) declared safe despite approximated by a magnet.
4. Myth: Putting metal in the microwave can cause electric shock.

Fact: It is not advisable to insert and put a metal, such as a spoon, fork or the like in a microwave. This is not a problem because someone will be electrocuted, but the ends of the metal can bring electrons that can generate sparks. And that spark can cause a fire.

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