Thursday, 25 September 2014

Android L Copied The Feature Of iOS 8, Is It True?

Android L Copied The iOS 8 Feature, Is It True?
Apple's decision to copy many of the features of Android on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus often gets a lot of public satire and Google itself. Interestingly, now Google's turn that mimics one of the features in Apple's latest OS, iOS 8.

With the presence of Android L is getting closer , Google continues to strive to enhance the new OS. One of the new features brought is layered encryption system that will make user data more secure. Unfortunately, iOS 8 was already wearing the data encryption feature.
Just a few days ago before Google announced the presence of the data encryption, Apple's first iOS memplokamirkan when 8 will implement data encryption system 'default' on your iPhone or iPad. Features encryption by default will automatically create any user (with a password) can access the data in the device.

Google actually has had this feature since Android Jelly Bean. However, existing data encryption system is only optional, and many users are not aware of its existence. Later, only with the Android update to Android KitKat L, Android devices will directly implement encryption without having to setup the system manually. Users only need to add a password only.

Steps taken by Google and Apple to implement automatic data encryption system on the gadget that runs the latest OS they regarded as a defense mechanism against the efforts of the government spies. Especially after the recognition of the controversial NSA agent Edward Snowden.
Intelligence agencies owned by the government, such as the NSA (USA) turned out for a long time trying to force Apple and Google to hand over user important data, or get straight illegally.

Thanks to the presence of the encryption system, only users who can open up their data via a password or passcode. In fact, Apple and Google as the maker of the iOS and Android 8 L of data the user can not see them.

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