Sunday, 14 September 2014

Apple Watch Apparently Not Water Resistant

Apple smartwatch
Apple Watch became one of the 2 big things announced by Apple on 9 September. Unfortunately, some parties appear skeptical attitude towards the Apple prime smartwatch especially with the length of time it took Apple to realize the smartwatch.

While other vendors have launched 2 to 4 different series with different technology that does not necessarily make Apple Watch are in a better position.
This assumption could also spread when tilted Tim Cook did not mention at all that the star battery capacity. No doubt, the battery component so the butt of the media and not a few who sneer through Twitter.

apple smartwatch

Not quite up there, Yahoo Tech journalist, David Pogue recently wrote in his article that Apple Watch only offers features water-resistant or waterproof, not water-proof or water repellent like that offered by Moto 360.

Although the literal meaning seem thin but distinct functions of the two levels are very much different terms. Water resistant only make the device able to withstand splashes or spray water at worst. While water-proof make the device remains alive despite immersed at a certain depth.
This means that Apple Watch made ??by one of the most valuable companies in the world, ever dibesut by the legendary Steve Jobs and has a reputation bully makes smartwatch device which only lasted from water splashes and sweat. Naturally, when a number of people question the ability of Apple.

Apple smartwatch

If this news is true, Apple should be ready to see the hand of fruit products back so gossip in cyberspace.

According to the schedule, Apple's new Watch will be released in early 2015 to the day it came Apple still has time to correct deficiencies in the device.

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