Wednesday, 10 September 2014

'Crown Dial', The Unique Feature Of Apple Smartwatch

apple smartwatch
Apple seems to want a little nostalgia with the classic technology by presenting a unique part in Apple Watch. The part that impressed the ancient apparently save function that can revolutionize the look smartwatch in the future.

Apple may not be the first player in the arena smartwatch, but they bring a new way to interact with smartwatch through a tiny wheels called 'digital dial crown'. Crown dial itself is made to maximize the function of the Apple mini display Watch that difficult enabled through the touch like the iPhone.

"The display of Apple's Watch is too small, so that the display can produce disappointing if only rely on the touchscreen. Example, when we do zoom with fingers, then almost the entire screen will be closed. Hence, we added physical buttons on the watch for decades years, the play button, "said Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, Slashgear (09/09).

crown dial

Exploring a variety of applications available in the Apple Watch even more fun by turning the dial crown. When we were running an application, crown dial can be used to select the features that are available in the application.

Users can also rotate the crown dial if you want to read a thread messages easily, without having to move the finger back and forth that can actually close up view of the text. In addition, rotating the dial crown while accessing the same maps with zooming in / out display the desired location.
Not stopping there, a button located just below the crown dial is equally great. The keys are still an integral part of the crown dial can display the list of contacts when pressed. Interestingly, after selecting a contact to go, we can send funny emoji animated form.

If these capabilities are not enough, the light sensor is located behind Apple Watch can keep the rhythm of our heartbeat. And just by pressing the crown dial, we can send the heartbeat rhythm in two to four other users of Apple Watch. Even more exciting, they can feel the beating of our hearts thanks to the existence of vibrating tools called 'Taptic Engine'.

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