Sunday, 7 September 2014

iPhone 6 Will Be Released Soon !

After the event of IFA 2014, now all eyes are stand on the launch of the iPhone 6 will be held on 9 September. Even so wait, if the iPhone 6 will be successful to attract Android users to move to the 'other heart'?

As reported by CNET (9.6), the company has announced the results of a survey Survata survey opportunities the Android user switching to the iPhone 6 is quite controversial. How not, according Survata, later there were only 5 percent of Android users are likely to replace gadgetnya with the iPhone 6.

Survata using survey methods via the website which requires filling out a survey netizens iPhone 6 before it can access the premium content of such websites. The company is partnering with a survey of about 100 companies are also convincing when the margin of error of about 3.3 percent of the survey.

If Android users are still a few who wish to use the iPhone 6, iPhone users said was quite loyal and will buy the iPhone 6 Of the 889 netizens who became the sample survey, 36 percent of users of the iPhone 5 very likely to replace their smartphones with the iPhone 6 It is also justified by by 18 users iPhone 5s and 15 percent of iPhone users 5c.

One of the results is quite confusing Another survey showed about 6 percent of BlackBerry smartphone users will buy iPhone 6 Meanwhile, only 3 percent of Windows Phone users who expressed an interest to move to the iPhone 6 on the 9th September.

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