Friday, 5 September 2014

Moto 360 Stocks Already Sold Out In Just A Few Hours

moto 360
Motorola 360 smartwatches seems indeed to be hunted by wearable gadget lovers. Unfortunately, the enthusiasm was not accompanied by stock availability of the Motorola Moto 360.

Quoted from Phone Arena (05/09), Motorola delivered when the current stock Moto 360 is provided by the company in the early stages of the sales have already sold out. In fact, through Motorola's official Twitter account, the company has joined the Lenovo deliver when Moto 360 is still a limited edition for now.

moto 360

Many observers have noted if Motorola did not make the Moto 360 in large numbers. Therefore, when the smartwatch went on sale yesterday (05/09) through 3 site options, stock are sold only in about 8 hours.

Prospective buyers also can not be found on the website Moto 360 and Best Buy. Stock available on Google Play Store was also declared sold out.
Why Moto 360 highly sought after?

Moto 360 is actually priced a little more expensive than artificial smartwatch other vendors such as Samsung and LG G Gear Live Watch, which is about USD 249.99 (approximately USD 3 million). However, innovation in terms of design, especially the concept of a circular screen and the overall look is very appealing. In addition, the Moto 360 also has wireless charging technology brings plus some sensors that are common in health watches.

However, it may be the enthusiasm of the prospective buyer Moto 360 will not be too great when LG launched smart watches bowler, LG G Watch R, which is reportedly no longer.

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