Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The First Smartwatch From Apple Was Born

apple smartwatch
If previously a fan of Apple gadgets only treated by the rumors surrounding Apple's first wearable gadgets, iWatch, maze, now the Cupertino-based company was officially introduced to the public iWatch. What surprises is presented?

One of the surprises that come with iWatch is the appearance of a sapphire screen. This is actually already had predicted when Apple patented a device type 'jewelry' which also uses a sapphire screen. Interestingly, the name of this smartwatch is not the iWatch, but only 'Watch' alone.

Smart watches have been equipped with four sensors in the rear. Apple CEO, Tim Cook, also praised the new device by saying if Apple Watch is the most personal device they've ever made. Unfortunately, Apple has not Watch the 'standalone' gadgets, so it still requires an iPhone or iPad to use its main features.

The overall shape is similar to Apple's Watch smartwatch smartwatch-box design that carries the other. However, Apple Watch looks more beautiful with a metallic body and the four corners are curved.

A variety of excellent features also stopped at Apple Watch, such as navigation menus to display the zoom feature image or map applications that have not been found in other smartwatch smartwatch-. In fact, users only need to activate the lift iWatch and make it display the required application, Engadget (09/09).

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