Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Windows 9 Coming Soon

Anything can happen in the world of technology. When all the manufacturers sealed tap newest product-related information, a lot of parties in a potentially leaked. This case was the one who was attacked by Microsoft.

Until now, Microsoft has never provided official information related to the emergence schedules and superior features that will appear in the PC operating system is the successor to Windows 8.1. However, the good news from Microsoft came out accidentally from one of its subsidiaries in China, The Verge (02/09).

Microsoft China, whether intentional or not, known Weibo user invites the most famous social networking sites in China to discuss Windows 9 In his post, Microsoft China said, "Microsoft's latest OS, Windows 9 will be coming soon, if the menu button typical Windows will return? ".
It is probable that when the post was a mistake, since not long after the post immediately removed by Microsoft China. However, the words 'coming soon' or 'coming soon' which is said by Microsoft China become one of the signs when Windows 9 it will soon greet desktop and laptop computer users.

Windows OS users also can cure homesickness with iconic menu button has disappeared since Windows 8 Predictions that states when the menu button will appear in the Windows 8.1 was apparently also not proven. In fact, Microsoft is rumored to give a new design for the menu buttons, including the display of User Interface (UI) which is based on Windows 8.
Interestingly, Microsoft China also feature the new logo of Windows 9 or Windows are often called 'Threshold'. The design was still carrying a distinctive tile pattern latest Windows logo. Meanwhile, Microsoft will introduce a new predicted Windows 9 to the public and distribute it to businesses at the end of September.

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