Saturday, 13 September 2014

Windows 9, The New Innovation From Microsoft

windows 9
Public should wait a few more months to enjoy the latest operating system from Microsoft, Windows 9 But for you who can not wait to see the face of Windows 9, leaked display the operating system has started to bloom in cyberspace.

Yes, although in truth the new Microsoft Windows 9 will be released in early 2015, they had to launch the Windows 9 'Preview Version' to be tested in several companies. Inevitably, some sites such as Computer Base and WinFuture already showing off screen shots of the successor to Windows 8.1, Liliputing (11/09).

windows 9

As predicted, the 'Start Menu' which has long disappeared (from Windows 8) finally back with a new look. At first glance the design concept of the desktop version of Windows 9 is similar to Windows 7 with little to bring some elements of Windows 8.

But Microsoft is not entirely forgotten Windows 8, because when I click on the Start Menu button will appear 'live tiles' in addition to the suite of applications that frequently open. The design was still carrying the 'Metro-style' typical Windows 8 you can find boxes for shortcuts to email, calendar, and news channel.

windows 9

Microsoft this time also looks slightly mimic the concept of belonging to a virtual desktop Linux OS which is located next to the search option (symbolized by a magnifying glass). Now Windows 9 users can create multiple pages of new work that contains specific applications in each of his website. For example, users can create a special page for entertainment or work, and move from one page to another with ease similar to the concept of dual monitors.

It is not certain whether the Windows 9 will visit the tablets or tablet hybrid which has also been produced by Microsoft.

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