Monday, 22 September 2014

Wireless Charging, The New Feature of iOS 8, Its HOAX!

Wireless Charging, The New Feature of iOS 8, Its HOAX!
The iOS 8 is one of the best operating system updates ever made ??by Apple. Unfortunately, there are some persons who are not responsible for spreading false news (hoax) of the presence of stones IOS features 8 Unfortunately, these hoaxes if followed could endanger lives even iPhone users.

Twitter recently surprised with a tweet announcing the release of additional interesting features in IOS 8, namely alias nirkable charging the wireless charging. To activate this feature, the user must follow certain steps.
Surprisingly, to enable wireless charging feature called Wave, users must do unreasonable enough, ie inserting the iPhone into the microwave to run the program Wave. In fact, such a device is known as a tool for cooking that can generate high heat.

According to the instructions contained in the attached poster with the tweet, the user must insert the iPhone into the microwave for 60 seconds in the microwave power 700W, or 70 seconds in the microwave 800w, to be able to wirelessly charge the battery. But, of course it is dangerous for smartphones.
In addition to removing heat, microwave issued by microwaves can damage components in the iPhone. In fact, a drastic increase in temperature and height can make the element lithium in the battery becomes unstable. As a result, the potential explosion in sight. The resulting explosion can also result in a fire caused fires, Phone Arena (9.20).

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