Sunday, 12 October 2014

Android L = Android Licorice ?

Android L = Android Licorice ?

Android L is thus shut that several people will smell the new android software system already � hell, we�ve already got the fabric style Google Play Store. whereas several believe that Google is doing away with numbers and letters in their android word, there ar still the devoted few who believe Google can persist with their candy and afters naming ways that and unharness android L with a sweet new name (pun intended).

We�ve detected Lollipop, Lemon Meringue Pie and even [Nestle] Lion, however nowadays we've a noteworthy lead on a brand new name for android L: android Licorice.

This latest revelation comes when Giovanni Calabrese announce the on top of on Google+, saying �I ne'er had a good feeling for Licorice, however damn! there ar some nice flavors out there !!!� And World Health Organization precisely is Mr. Calabrese that has us thus excited by his comments?

Calabrese is truly one among the designers behind Google�s humanoid statues that stand on the Google military headquarters field, thus maybe he has some within information concerning what�s returning within the way forward for android L. perhaps it�s a red herring, however I doubt this may be the last android name rumour we have a tendency to hear before the official announcement of android L.

via PhoneArena

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