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Facebook Safety Check : How You Tell Your Friends That You're Okay

Facebook Safety Check : How You Tell Your Friends That You're Okay

In the past decade, there are lots of natural calamities and disasters. Whenever such calamities have occurred, folks typically observed Facebook for obtaining info regarding the security of their precious ones and friends. throughout such times, the maintenance of correct communication is crucial for the security of these who area unit affected.

Facebook set to leverage the ability of social media to permit folks to speak and keep in contact with their friends and families throughout such dire circumstances. The results of the efforts of this social networking large is �Safety Check� that performs 3 crucial functions:

  • It lets your family and friends comprehend your safety
  • It permits you to visualize the security of your friends within the affected areas.
  • It permits you to mark your friends as �safe�

If you're puzzling over attainable breaches in privacy of the user, then you'll be assured that the security status(es) and comments shared by you'd solely be visible to your friends and wouldn't be created public below any condition.

Disasters like the ill-famed Earthquake in Japan that occurred in 2011, are the foundations for the event of the �Safety Check� tool. This explicit earthquake affected over twelve.5 million across the state and some four hundred,000 folks were exhausted. throughout this emergency, technology vie a significant role in guaranteeing the security of the folks. folks managed to remain connected with their shut ones by accessing social media.

Everyone looks to show to Facebook within the aftermath of a significant natural disaster. The team at Facebook started developing an easy and simple to use tool that allowed folks to attach and keep in contact once conditions were dire. This tool would shortly be created offered globally on automaton, iOS, feature phones and desktop. With such sizable amount of platforms being targeted, it might be attainable for folks to remain in contact in spite of the device that they're mistreatment, with associate degree assurance that their comments and posts would be seen solely by their friends and family.

How will It Work?

once the tool is activated (post disaster), you'd receive a notification from Facebook soliciting for confirmation of your safety.
the placement is set by triangulating knowledge from the placement mentioned in your profile, the placement (according to the informatics address of town wherever you're accessing the internet), and therefore the last location (determined by the employment of �Nearby Friends� feature).
just in case the placement is wrong, then you'll continually mention that you simply area unit out of the affected space.

By choosing �I�m Safe�, you'd be able to send associate degree update along side a notification and a news feed story. instead, your friends even have the ability to mark you as safe.
If you have got any friends within the space of the disaster, then you may receive a notification regarding friends that are marked as safe. However, this feature would solely work once the �Safety Check� tool has been activated. Upon clicking this notification, you'd be redirected to a safety Check bookmarker wherever you'd be able to see all of the updates and comments created by them.

The effectiveness of this tool is nevertheless to be checked in a very universe situation, however it ought to perform nicely. This tool has been the end result of lots of analysis and analysis of the ways in which within which social media is employed throughout dire things. Let�s hope that this initiative by Facebook will facilitate folks to remain out of danger throughout calamities and disasters.

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