Tuesday, 7 October 2014

iOS 8 Adoption Stagnates In A Few Times After Launch

iOS 8 Adoption Stagnates In A Few Times After Launch

After nearly 3 weeks of handiness, Apple�s iOS 8 software package is currently put in on forty seven % of devices, in line with new numbers announce on Apple�s App Store support page for developers.

That marks an awfully slight increase in adoption over the past period, as back on Sep 21, iOS eight was put in on 46 % of devices. 47 % of iOS users continue to stick to iOS seven, probably because of variety of bugs that have infested the launch of iOS eight.

Just sooner than the launch of iOS eight, all HealthKit-enabled apps were force from the App Store because of a serious HealthKit bug. A fix was quickly free, but the update, iOS 8.0.1, disabled the cellular service and bit ID practicality on iPhone vi and vi and devices.

iOS 8 Adoption Stagnates In A Few Times After Launch

iOS 8.0.2 mounted the issues introduced with iOS 8.0.1 and brought several other bug fixes, however the promotion close the iOS eight.0.1 issue might have discouraged some users from change.

Along with the essential bug introduced with iOS 8.0.1, many alternative issues have come back to light-weight. Associate in Nursing iCloud Drive issue with the �Reset All Settings� possibility causes iCloud Drive documents to be deleted from iCloud, and multiple users have experienced problems with Bluetooth. what is more, iOS 8 users have complained of alternative problems with the software package, together with slow wi-fi speeds and excessive battery drain.
Apple�s iOS 8 adoption numbers closely mirror knowledge from Mixpanel, that conjointly puts iOS 8 adoption at 47 %. iOS 8�s adoption rate seems to be slower than iOS seven adoption as Mixpanel�s numbers last year place iOS seven adoption at 69.7 % 20 days when launch.

In late Sep, Apple stopped sign language iOS 7.1.2, creating it not possible for iOS 8 users to downgrade back to a previous-generation software package. the corporate is functioning to combat the problems facing iOS 8, however, at the same time performing on iOS 8.1, 8.2, and 8.3.

iOS 8.1, seeded to developers last week, fixes a minimum of one major downside, repairing the Bluetooth pairing issue several users are facing. The update conjointly includes support for Apple Pay, that is anticipated to debut in October.

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