Saturday, 4 October 2014

ZenFone 5,5 Inches, The New Resolution Of Asus

ZenFone 5,5 Inches, The New Resolution Of Asus
Asus is quite successful selling smartphones in the segment of low-entry by relying ZenFone generation consisting of variant 4 inches, 5 inches, and 6 inches. To compete with the iPhone 6 Plus, Asus is rumored will introduce their latest smartphone ZenFone early next year.

Asus rumored since the beginning, ready to release a new smartphone at the CES 2015 event in January 2015, now the news is more widely heard. DigiTimes states when ZenFone with the new size, 5.5 inches, which would be the star.
Addition ZenFone variant is believed to be a step to attract more new users, as was done previously when Asus launched ZenFone 4S with a size of 4.5 inches, slightly larger than ZenFone 4 Therefore, not a few who think if ZenFone 6 is too large, while ZenFone 5 is not enough relief.

In addition to size, 5.5 inches ZenFone expected to offer 4G LTE connectivity, development, design, UI, camera, storage capacity, and battery life, Phone Arena (03/10). Unfortunately, sales of 5.5 inches ZenFone will reportedly focused on the American market. This is quite interesting, given the current 5.5-inch smartphone market is still dominated by the iPhone America 6 Plus.

As ZenFone previous generation, 5.5-inch ZenFone still be priced at a cheaper price than other competitor's smartphones. Price ZenFone 5.5 inches would not be expected to reach Rp3.5 million. Price is important to keep ZenFone still selling, because Asus claimed benefit of ZenFone doubled. Until the end of this year they are expected to sell 7.8 million ZenFone.

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